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Alcatel (Old MTK C7xx)

Old Alcatel MTK models supported by calculation.
For know complet list of models supported check TAB with this name at bottom.
Alcatel C700 C701 C707 C717
Alcatel C820 C825 ElleN3
Alcatel S215 S218 S319 S320 S321 S520 S521 S853
Alcatel MSSY (MissSixty)
Alcatel MD01 MD02 (MandarinaDuck)
Alcatel V670 V770


Supported Phones:

Alcatel OT-C700 | Alcatel OT-C701 | Alcatel OT-C707 | Alcatel OT-C710 | Alcatel OT-C717 | Alcatel OT-C820 | Alcatel OT-C825 | Alcatel OT-Elle N3 | Alcatel OT-MD01 (MandarinaDuck) | Alcatel OT-MD02 (MandarinaDuck) | Alcatel OT-MSSY (MissSixty) | Alcatel OT-S215 | Alcatel OT-S218 | Alcatel OT-S319 | Alcatel OT-S320 | Alcatel OT-S321 | Alcatel OT-S520 | Alcatel OT-S521 | Alcatel OT-S853 | Alcatel OT-V770 |
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