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Important information regarding all iPhone Services

Must read before ordering:

ONLY place an order if you agree to our conditions outlined below:

Regarding Apple's new Activation Lock, which asks for The Apple ID & Password used to enable “Find My iPhone” before or after updating to iOS7.

We are not responsible to handle this Issue; we only process the SIM-Lock and cannot bypass the Activation Lock. This is down to your customer who should have the details. (So please make them aware)

For more information see link: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5818
There will be strictly NO Refunds for Apple's new Activation Lock, Wrong carrier or already unlocked iPhones.
Our timeframe is ONLY in working days. This STRICTLY means Mon-Fri (excluding weekends and public holidays)

The time specified is not 100% and is subject to change. (Can be faster or slower)

Once your IMEI is in process, cancellations are not possible until the supplier has given us further instruction.

Thank you for understanding as these terms are beyond our control


Tiempo de Entrega : 12-24 Hours
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